Distrito Telefónica. Innovation & Talent Hub

10,000 m2

dedicated to innovation and talent training


people trained in new digital skills per year


million euros of planned investment until 2024

Innovation projects

Learn about the solutions we are developing to lead the technological future and improve the lives of people and companies.



Communications of the future

Communications of the future



Defining the digital horizon

Get a glimpse into the latest research on technology, engagement and the most innovative experiences that converge in the digital world.

Albayzin 2024 Wake-Up Word Detection Challenge

The challenge, organized by Telefónica Innovación Digital, seeks to evaluate the performance of state-of-the-art keyword detection systems to address various industrial needs, such as accuracy, inference delay, computational load and energy efficiency.


Detection and estimation of vulnerabilities in Wordpress plugins

The increase in the use of the Internet has brought the increase of content management systems (CMS). Wordpress is one of the most used systems and can be extended with the use of plugins, but sometimes this can be dangerous.


How to improve WiFi network security

WiFi networks have been in the spotlight of cybersecurity researchers since their emergence. We will now explain some practices that can help improve their security.


CONFIDENTIAL6G: Confidential Computing and Privacy-preserving technologies for 6G

CONFIDENTIAL6G aims to develop cryptographic quantum-resistant protocols and security proofs tools, libraries, mechanisms, and architectural blueprints for confidentiality in 6G.


What will the future of work look like?

We address the trends, challenges, and opportunities of the future of work, a concept that encompasses various aspects that influence individuals, organizations, and society.


Activities agenda

Discover Telefónica's most relevant initiatives to build the future.

Telefónica Telefónica Fest

Telefónica's Innovation and Talent Hub joins the company's centennial celebrations with Telefónica Fest, two days of activities that combine technology, training and entertainment.

Telefónica Tech Tech Forum: SASE: More security to adapt to new challenges

Telefónica Tech and Palo Alto Networks are specialists with our SASE solution to ensure that your network is protected at all levels. 

Telefónica Tech Good Tech Times: We co-piloted Microsoft 365 security solutions for the workplace.

SecureM365, a new service for Microsoft365 environments that offers organizations advanced security features for the workplace.

Telefónica Tech Meetup: Everything as a Service, up to Cloud and beyond!

Ever wondered how your phone is like Buzz Lightyear, connected to a cloud universe?

Campus 42 Piscine Discovery Web Women's Edition at 42 Barcelona

Experience what 42 is in first person for 100% free. While learning HTML, CSS and Javascript.