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CodeTalk4Devs: LangChain for building LLM-based applications

In this installment of #CodeTalk4Devs, Héctor Cordobés talks about the entire revolution that Large Language Models (LLM) have brought. Specifically and shows how to create LLM-based applications with it.


TACTILE5G: Innovating in 5G networks using Edge Computing, GitOps y Zero Touch Provisioning

Digital twins are key to driving innovations in 5G networks, enabling tests, simulations, and predictive analyses that accelerate technological development. 


Artificial Intelligence: Applicability of GANs and Autoencoders in Cybersecurity.

Some technologies such as Machine Learning and Deep Learning have become the perfect tool to generate phishing attacks or Fake News, but they can also be used to protect users.


Keyword detection using classifier ensembles

Keyword detection determines the usability and effectiveness of voice interfaces.The Digital Life Disruption Lab team presented a proposal for robust keyword detection at the Deep Learning Barcelona Symposium 2023.


Rubika: Cube Puzzle Authentication

Rubika is an innovative project that proposes a second authentication factor based on the techniques used by each individual when solving the famous Rubik's cube.


Activities agenda

Discover Telefónica's most relevant initiatives to build the future.

Telefónica Tech Tech Forum: SASE: More security to adapt to new challenges

Telefónica Tech and Palo Alto Networks are specialists with our SASE solution to ensure that your network is protected at all levels. 

Telefónica Tech Good Tech Times: We co-piloted Microsoft 365 security solutions for the workplace.

SecureM365, a new service for Microsoft365 environments that offers organizations advanced security features for the workplace.

Telefónica Tech Meetup: Everything as a Service, up to Cloud and beyond!

Ever wondered how your phone is like Buzz Lightyear, connected to a cloud universe?

Campus 42 Piscine Discovery Web Women's Edition at 42 Barcelona

Experience what 42 is in first person for 100% free. While learning HTML, CSS and Javascript.

Fundación Telefónica Unmasking the Truth: Escaping the Fake News

The story begins with a mysterious message arriving at a newspaper newsroom about a story with devastating consequences if it is published without verification.