Distrito Telefónica. Innovation & Talent Hub

We open Telefónica´s innovation to the world

We welcome and promote the best initiatives to face the new digital era.

An innovation network for all

The future is all about collaboration and transformation.


Demo Centre

Discover the latest developments in 5G, big data, cloud, edge, AI, security and smart cities.


Digital Home Experience Centre

A place of creation and experimentation to bring new experiences to our customers´ homes.

Telefónica Tech

Digital Operations Center

A transversal, global and integral service for the management of cyber and cloud operations.

Fundación Telefónica

Espacio Fundación Telefónica

We value culture and knowledge with different scenarios and experts in creativity.


Telefónica Research

Telefónica's multidisciplinary and international scientific team to discover technology.


Telefónica Technology & Automation LAB

A laboratory where technology and talent converge to incubate the solutions of the future.

Telefónica Tech

The Thinx

We optimise, accelerate and simplify prototyping through testing.


Virtual Innovation Hub

A virtual meeting place to work collaboratively on projects in the metaverse.


Wayra 5G Lab

A laboratory for startups to create next-generation solutions together.