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Digital Home Experience Centre

We bring the best technology to our customers´ homes.

We create, develop and try out experiences that empower our customers´ homes. In this space we test all the technology that we bring to the home together with the most outstanding partners of the market.

The most complete entertainment

Television is the heart of entertainment in the home. With Living Apps, we create a new ecosystem of experiences and offer a space on Movistar Plus+ for companies to offer their products and services in a different way.

Living Apps, the most complete entertainment on Movistar Plus+.

The best connectivity

We innovate in the management of connectivity in our customers' homes. We are leaders in fibre optic and 5G deployment, offering state-of-the-art connectivity devices and services with WiFi 6 technology.

The best connectivity thanks fibre optic and 5G deployment.

Simple and interactive experiences

Aura, Telefónica´s Artificial Intelligence, makes the user experience with the Digital Home simple, interactive and agile, using the voice. We are constantly developing and testing our artificial intelligence, adapting it to human language and training it to offer more personalised experiences.

Aura, Telefónica's Artificial Intelligence, for a more comfortable and simple interaction.
Telefónica´s Digital Home

Telefónica´s Digital Home

Leader in connectivity, entertainment, security and privacy.