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Private Networks and Cloud-Continuum

Networks and Connectivity Quantum Computing

Under the framework of the ImagineB5G project, we have installed an Amazon Outpost server at the University of Valencia (UPV) for the deployment of use cases related to Edge computing, Cloud-Continuum and 5G private networks.



ImagineB5G is a project funded by the Smart Network and services Joint Undertaking (SNS JU) program and aims to implement a platform with advanced 5G technologies, providing the network with more accessibility, security and end-to-end programmability for pilots and large-scale trials in Europe.

Currently the project has launched the first Open Call which aims to attract companies from different sectors to deploy use cases on this platform making use of private 5G+ networks and deploying applications on the edge directly on the AWS Outpost server or through hybrid deployments using the public cloud.


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