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SPATIAL: towards trusworthy AI for cibersecutiy projects

Cybersecurity and Privacy Artificial Intelligence Ethics

SPATIAL: Towards a private, transparent and explainable AI for cibersecurity solutions.

The SPATIAL project, funded by European Union funds, is tasked with building the path towards a trustworthy European cybersecurity sector by facilitating governance and a regulatory framework for Artificial Intelligence (AI)-driven security in Europe.

Achieving trustworthy AI is a top priority for Europe, often hampered by the opacity of algorithms in software and hardware operations. SPATIAL aims to resolve this uncertainty by strengthening data privacy, resilience against external attacks and ethical-legal accountability. 

SPATIAL logo and slogan

SPATIAL logo and slogan

Get access to the trustworthy AI course generated within the SPATIAL project

In addition, the SPATIAL project aims to educate society in this matter, for which it is working on the creation of several courses available online focused on responsible AI.

To do so, the collaborating partners have worked in the creation of an online introductory course on trustworthy AI that is accessible to the general public for free.

The Virtual Innovation Hub is our immersive space within the Spatial. It´s a place where we develop our projects in the Metaverse with meeting rooms, an amphitheater, live streaming of events (such as the Mobile World Congress 2023) and a chill out area to connect and enjoy.

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Various teams at Telefónica Digital Innovation are researching and developing a wide range of solutions that detect AI-generated or manipulated content to help citizens navigate the new world of artificial media and thus strengthen our democratic societies.

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