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The Thinx

Telefónica Tech
We make the IoT projects of the future tangible.

We optimise, accelerate and simplify the creation of any prototype. Our purpose is to test the technology in real environments. This way, we streamline the process of developing new solutions and ensure they are implemented with the highest quality. One of the most advanced and best equipped IoT ecosystems in the world.

The Thinx, technical and professional support during the testing process

We work with companies from start to finish. We provide technical and professional support during the entire testing process and provide support from initial incident resolution to go live.

Technical and professional support during the testing process.

Our purpose is to test technology

We identify the strengths and vulnerabilities of each project at every stage. We then introduce corrective measures before deploying them with real customers and producing the best versions. Thus, we guarantee the quality standards required by Telefónica.

We test technology so that it meets our quality standards as closely as possible.

The most comprehensive test environment

We optimise the coverage, environmental conditions and battery consumption. In addition, we support engineering testing and recommend the connectivity that is best suited to IoT use cases.

We optimise solutions and carry out engineering tests.


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