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SKILLAB: assessing the needs of the European labor market

Networks and Connectivity Artificial Intelligence

The SKILLAB platform will be based on the use of cutting-edge technologies, including advanced statistical data and network analysis techniques, machine learning and competency mining. This will make it possible to make available to users recommendation tools that facilitate human resource management, educational profiling, and digital policies in general. In addition, the system will adopt a human-centered design, ensuring that information is provided in a user-friendly way and ensuring ethical information management. 
The project will help facilitate the identification of skills shortages and gaps in the labor market for different regions, sectors, and time periods. It will also serve to support all types of companies in the development of their human resources strategy, including both the training of current employees and the training of future employees. Ultimately, the project aims to capitalize on the use of technology to make it easier for citizens to find jobs and for companies to recruit candidates. 
The project, led by the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Greece), will run from 2024 to 2026. It involves a total of ten universities, research centers and companies from six European countries, and is funded by the Horizon Europe program (grant agreement 101132663). 

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